Black/White EPDM Rubber Roofing

Brite-Ply EPDM Rubber Roofing makes recreational vehicles quieter by eliminating roof rumble and noise from wind, rain and hail. It assures a water tight roof that is maintenance free and saves energy through its heat reflecting characteristics.

EPDM sheeting is the only rubber roofing membrane that is extruded. This process enables the production of a consistent single-ply membrane with a white surface and a black back. The cohesion of compounds results in a single-ply EPDM sheeting that is highly puncture resistant, has superior tensile strength and tear resistance, and is both reflective and refractive to UV rays.

Starting with a compound that is 98% pure, the extrusion process provides a more even distribution of ingredients which resists uneven weathering, fading or chalkiness of the installed roofing system. Additionally, due to its high polymer content, the membrane passes the ASTM 20 year accelerated aging test with no discoloration. Membrane thickness is 0.040 mils.

Depending on the roof load requirements, decking should be at least 1/8″ luan plywood. If the load requirements are heavy (storage pods or consistent traffic) a minimum of 1/2″ plywood is recommended. In most new unit applications, 1/4″ luan or plywood is the minimum material used, while 3/8″ material is more prevalent.
Rubber roof membrane material is sold in WHOLE FOOT increments. Orders for fractions of a foot will be rounded up and your card will be charged for the additional fraction of a foot.

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